Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Edu De Toilette

I had the misfortune today of visiting my friend at his exchange lodge. As soon as he opened the door I was overwhelmed by the putrid smell of decaying socks– A smell that any one who has stood outside the entrance to our computer lab in engineering college back home would be familiar with. It is a stench so impossible that it will make your eyes watery. It is a fragrance so powerful that anyone in its vicinity seven days after the socks has been removed could be knocked unconscious. It reeks of rotten rat diarrhea that was passed through the digestive tract of a water buffalo with irritable bowel syndrome.

Back home in college, shoes were not allowed inside our labs, so students were forced to leave their sweaty, stinky shoes outside at the entrance. These wonderful bouquets open up, permeating the air with one of the most disgusting fumes ever to assault your olfactory organs.

The only reason why I think our computer labs never had an incident of computer virus or worms was because I honestly don’t think those buggers can survive in that environment.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Driving with cell phones

Last week I was almost hit by a woman changing lanes while balancing a cell phone between her ear and shoulder. When I horned at her, she looked at me all flamed up and gave me the finger.

Today I came very close to hitting another woman on a bike. She was going on the bike lane and suddenly swerved in into my lane as if something suddenly darted in front of her. I stepped on my breaks as hard as I could and came to a screeching halt barely a foot from her. Damn! That was very close . I could smell the tires smoking.

This idiot too was talking on a cell phone during the attempted suicide, and she too gave me the finger sign.

I will give these wimmen some more time and they'll probably cause a ten car pile up and give everyone the finger while they send an SMS with the other. Dumb idiots!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Waxing nostalgia

Here is my achamma (grandmother), waxing nostalgic today:

"Those days nobody had jobs. I walked 20 miles everyday to do menial jobs. I weaved baskets, knitted nets, carried fire wood, and came home with rice and tapioca. On good days I could buy fish. It was tough, but we lived through it, we didn't have a radio or news paper or telivision. We grew almost everything we had to have. I had a herd of good laying hens. I collected eggs and traded them for cloths and salt and oil and other stuff that I couldn't grow myself. We didn't have much, but we never went hungry."

I love that woman. They dont make wimmen like that no more.