Thursday, April 16, 2009


Last evening Sriram and I went to a store and he took me to the kids section where he showed me a police car that he wanted to buy for his birthday. 
"Can we buy it now?" he asked.
"No", I said. "Your birthday is in June"
"But what if it is all gone by then?"
"Dont worry. They will restock it"
"What is restock" he enquired
I began explaining to him at length about about retail business, how they place order from manufacturers ,how goods are delivered - when he stopped me abruptly and said - "You mean they will put more of it"?

Yes ! I thought to myself. That is what restocking is!

After we got back home, he asked me, "Daddy, where does light come from?". I told him it comes from things like fire, sun etc. 
"How do fire have light?" he asked.
I tried explaining him about the concept of energy, but he did not buy my bullshit. 
"You want something to drink?" I asked. 
"Yes. I'm thirsty!"
I gave him a glass of milk, which he drank and slipped under his blanket on the sofa. Within no time he was deep alseep.

Feels like he was born yesterday. But the kid has grown up.