Thursday, November 05, 2009

On Assignment

A friend asked Swamiji and I if we could take some photographs for a his relative's graduation. We agreed, and he took us to meet with the family.

We reached their home promptly at the agreed upon time. A man answered the door. He was a petite, bald, seemingly dignified gentle man who appeared insecure and vulnerable. He ushered us in and called out for his wife. There emerged, in a flowing red dress, a haughty plump stuck-up women with lovely brown skin and a pair of haunting eyes. Unlike her husband she appeared dominating and needy.

She greeted us warmly and then quickly got down to business.

"I heard good things about you guys". She said.
Swamiji smiled and gave me his dirty looks.
"Well, how much do you charge?" She asked
"We dont need money" Swamiji was eager.
"Yeah. We do it as a hobby"
"No no no. You must be paid" - She said.
That sounded reasonable to me.

She explained at length about her daughter's graduation ceremony, parts of which didnt even register with us because she was wearing a red dress which had a plunging neckline AND the lady was unduly blessed.

Anyways a week later Swamiji and I went to event. The daughter was an absolutely beautiful 20 year old. She was literally breathtaking. She was so stunning that Swamiji told her mother that she is going to have to beat horny boys away with a stick if she is not doing it already.

It was a wonderful event. We stayed around for the party. We had lot of food and tranquilizer. For all the fun and fair we got paid a princely sum of $250 too.