Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nekkid Wimmen

I went to Berkeley to meet a friend today. He picked me up at the BART (train) station and drove to the UC Berkley campus. On our way he warned me about a group of nekkid wimmen activists walking picket lines outside the university. I was thrilled, for I have never seen or heard or imagined anything like this.

We parked our car near his dorm and walked up to the area to take a glimpse of the heavenly vision. Being short I had to step up on the side walk and peek through a sizable crowd that had already formed there. There it was! A pack of ugly old fat wimmen with pink hair, sagging udders and pestiferous shapeless bodies walking around in a circle yelling profanity for all I care. It was disgusting. It was the most nauseating thing I have seen in a long time.

Although an ophidiphobic (snakes really creep me out), I can sleep in a box with a dozen snakes if worse comes to worst. But a pack of feral wimmen... that's a different story.