Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Steve Jobs stole the thunder today at CES2007 announcing the much awaited iPhone. I just looked up the gadget on apple’s website. Hoochie mama !! It looks so sleek and pretty that it sure is going to be a fashion. I don’t understand what is it about Steve Jobs that make these cool products look so tempting. If I were Narayana Murthy, I would hire the kid.


Blogger Riyaz said...

True that this was a news people were waiting for a long time. But apart from the Jobs halo and the Apple magic - time to tell how good a phone it is.

This is a new iPod. Which has some PDA features too. And then a phone too if you want. Not for taking a phone user to Apple world, but an Apple iPOD fan to connect on the same device. The soft keypad is a new feature for phones. And when the world is putting in QWRETY for phones, will it work?

5 hrs talk time is the biggest negative. When thats the spec, you will reach around 3hours. Everyday you put it up on a charger. Or you put the SIM on your backup handset....

Not so impressive to me...

12:38 AM  
Blogger Muhammad Riyaz said...

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Blogger Muhammad Riyaz said...


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Blogger Payyans said...

Now Cisco is behind Apple for the iPhone trademark.

9:33 PM  
Blogger Muhammad Riyaz said...

The story is getting interesting. Now media says Cisco did not do homework in time and is set to loose

I would like to correct myself on my comments - 5hr talktime is not bad. What is bad is comparing hrs with minutes:) - which is what I did!

DoCoMo last week announced 10 new phones one of which is a dual display clamshell. One display is a multi-function UI pad. Handwriting, std Japanese and kana key keypads. And then LG is coming out with another touch screen model.

Samsung says they are interested that Apple will create a new market for them too. Koreans prefer selling the products than to promote a technology:)

9:43 PM  
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