Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Viva Las Vegas

Notes from Vegas.
  • Wow, I’m finally here. And it only took me twelve hours to get from San Jose to Las Vegas. And no, I’m not bitter, not at all. I thought when I agreed with Travelocity to take a U.S.Airways flight, I’d be getting a decent airline.
  • The limo ride from the airport to hotel was fun. Although the bastid cheated me the ride was cool. The funny Iranian driver who "loves Indeeyan people", "loves Indeeyan food - curry, dal, nan", "love Indeeyan music - I have a collection, I just can't find it now" - even gave us a little guided tour of the city. We could have taken a taxi and paid 10 bucks, but the extra 25 was for the limousine experience. Or I would like to comfort myself that way.


  • The only thing in Las Vegas that gave me the real kicks was the 'tomb of King Tut' at Lexor. I have seen that National Geographic documentary a dozen times in which Howard Carter leads you through the narrow hole with nothing but a candle and discovers "wonderful things!” If you ever go to Vegas, don’t miss this one, and make sure you take the time to listen to the complete audio.
  • Almost everybody I talked to suggested that we eat a buffet in Vegas. Although I try to stay away from big meals, my wife insisted that we try one. So I did. The food was exquisite. The fried beans and baby back ribs was delicious. It was so delectable that my stomach started puffing up as if I was suddenly becoming pregnant. Soon I started having hot flashes and broke out in a sweat. Fancy fire works began exactly at 11 PM and lasted the whole night - I don’t want to go into the gory details of what happened next, because it is a story I prefer not to tell. I am never going to eat a buffet ever again.
  • I saw an advertisement for a $6K bath. It goes something like this. Beautiful nekkid wimmen will anoint you with scented oils. Then they will bathe you in rose water and rub you with rose petals and sandal wood paste, all done in a candle lit shrine with soothing music and Vedic hymns. The ad also features Pamela Anderson, who will bathe a lucky few on New Year’s Eve. I don’t know why someone would throw away money on such foolish pursuits.


  • I am going to gamble tonight..


  • I had so much fun losing money in the casino last night that I reloaded from an ATM and wasted MORE before I finally gave up. I take comfort in the fact that I was playing with four other idiots at the table and they all got screwed, too.
  • After loosing all that money, I am sorta feeling home sick. So I´m leaving tomorrow. I need to go home and heal up for a while before I come back again. And I WILL be back. This is a beautiful place.


  • I made it back home in one piece last night. The plane trip was a fitting finale to the adventure. It was one bumpy ride that will put the roads in Trivandrum to shame. Luckily everything arrived intact. I went straight to bed and slept for 11 hours last night.


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