Thursday, January 18, 2007

Good bye Mr.Buchwald

While in school, there were days when the only thing I went to library for was to read ‘The Hindu’. I went to read the last page where Art Buchwald had his regular column. It was a pleasant ritual. It took me some time to get hooked to his style of satire. But once I got the taste, I was an addict. The man was brilliant, and never disappointed me. Mr.Buchwald’s column was the greatest social service N Ram had done to us.

Today I heard on radio that Art Buchwald passed away. I went online and saw this self obituary on New York times “Hi, I am Art Buchwalt and I just died”.

For all those great columns you gave us, Good bye Mr.Buchwald, Good bye.


Anonymous Soni said...

He was amazing, wasn't he?

8:26 PM  
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