Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Onam with comrade Yeltsin

Comrade Yeltsin was with me yesterday for Onam. After the feast he wanted to go down to Achaayan’s liquor store in Sunnyvale to buy a bottle of vodka. Above all that fried ‘netholi’ (anchovy), and paayasam, and lemon pickles the bastid still had room for some ‘dessert’. I felt bad for not stocking up for my friend. I have a duty to do that. That was a serious criminal lapse for which I must be dragged off and shot.

We did go to Achaayan’s liquor store in the evening. Yeltsin bought a long bottle of Gray Goose vodka, and a bottle of sweet smelling bourbon. The sucker hid the goose under his jacket and held on to it like a kid on piece of treasured candy. The goose was just for him. The holy water saw no other lip than his.

Don’t ask me why his father (and my teacher), Madhavan Pillai sir, named his son Yeltsin. Nothing could have been more appropriate.


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