Monday, September 04, 2006

Happy Onam

Happy Onam folks! I just got back to my PC after two weeks of hectic, frenetic and backbreaking laziness activity. The three-year-old part time sweet boy, part time monster gave me a crazed look today morning when I told him I am staying home for Onam.

A lot has transpired in the last few days.

Pluto, the once planetary prince has lost it’s status and was relegated to planet non grata. So is PJ Joseph. The prince of Thodupuzha, Xaviar of the poor and messiah of the high range planters was forced out. The ex-minister continues to churn out theories, hypothesis and scientific facts to prove his innocence.

Kofi Annan is touring Lebanon on a pompous speech-giving mission. Where was Mr.UN Secretary General few days ago when Israel was dropping cluster bombs and daisy cutters on civilian targets?

The story of the Comair jet that crashed trying to fly from a short runway was scary, really scary. A similar accident happened few years ago at Taipei when a Singapore airlines Jumbo crashed trying to take off from a runway that was under construction. Cant traffic lights be installed on the ground so the pilots can see, or appoint a live person to check if pilots are driving on the right side of the road.

The Steve Irwin tragedy was a real shock today morning. I was addicted to Animal Planet and National Geographic channel. I use to religiously watch his crock hunter show. It is really ironic that of all the dangerous animals he bumped into, it was a simple fish that got him. But the man died doing something that he loved and enjoyed. Poor guy. He will be missed.


Anonymous Kuzhimadiyan said...

Check this out http://thikkodi.wordpress.com/2006/09/05/onam-at-srarbucks/

5:32 AM  
Anonymous Tamilan said...

Byju, Hope your CMU orientation was fine. Nice to see you back.

6:37 AM  
Blogger Bhagya said...

Yes sad that Steve is no more.. great, happy guy who lightened any bad evening with his enthusiastic stories about wild life & interaction. No other croc hunter can match him..

7:39 PM  
Anonymous Arun said...

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