Thursday, August 17, 2006

Google Earth and Jayalalitha’s ass

Just noticed the new Google Earth update. Hey, there is my home! In the teeming metropolis of Thonnakkal, Trivandrum. Notice that? We are protected from Osama bin Laden by the great Arabian sea on the west, Western Ghats to the east, LTTE on the south and by the royal state of Quilon to the north. I can also see Mr.VS Achuthanandan ruling our state with unbridled animosity from his own Comrades

Good news from Afghanistan. A project is underway in Bamyan Afghanistan, to put back together from the rubbles the giant statue of Buddha that was destroyed by the crazed animals called Talibans. The part that I loved most is the fact that the project is initiated by the local people

After I tore my shoulder muscles lifting weights, my doctor advised me not to lift heavy weights. After a 6 months hiatus I am back in the weight lifting circuit. Today morning I stacked up 4 (small) plates and was bench pressing while two scar-faced north Indian looking guys gave me a ridiculing look. Hugely hurt and embarrassed I stopped 'pressing benches', stepped aside and hit the showers. While I was about to exit the gym I saw one of them at the weights, straining, trying to lift a mother load of stacked up steel plates. I sincerely hope that he strain hard enough and stain his underwear. I hope he wet his bed tonight too.

Yesterday I came down with some severe allergy. My nostrils swelled up like Jayalalitha’s ass. I called my smart and handsome doctor to get an appointment. The assistant to my smart and handsome doctor informed me that he is booked up and the earliest appointment she can work me in is on Sept 6th (that is 3 weeks away). This is the same practitioner who told me to apply Tiger balm when I went to him with a torn shoulder muscle six months ago. I took her offer and am really looking forward to seeing my smart and handsome on Sept 6th. Till then, I hope Jayalalitha’s ass will stay put and not flare up further and kill me.


Blogger Pradeep said...

Hey take care...

10:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Buddy, u should have posted that picture too... ur nose being a J..ASS, from a norwegian

5:59 AM  

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