Friday, August 11, 2006

A middle east peace proposal

The Israel-Palestine issue is entangled in a never ending cycle of aggression and violence. While violence takes birth from despair and sadness, aggression has its roots deeply entrenched in fear and uncertainty. Suicide bombers killing Israeli civilians and Israeli bombers killing Muslim civilians will only add to more despair, sadness, fear and uncertainty – which is what got them into this madness to begin with.

To achieve a lasting peace, one must solve the underlying issues. The people of Palestine must be able to leave a decent life one filled with hope for their children and respect for their society and way of living. The people of Israel must be able to live with out uncertainty and fear. A day must dawn when they can send their children with out fearing people wearing Reebok jackets with wires hanging out.

With that in mind here is a crazy proposal.

United Nations, Oil rich Arab states and Western nations must help build schools, hospitals, roads, public utility systems and institutions of higher learning that will completely change the lives of Palestinians. Children should learn so they will have a bright tomorrow.

Multinational Corporations must setup small factories in Palestine, so people can work there. Imagine GE making light bulbs, Nokia making hand sets, Rubbermaid making plastic ware and Pfiser making cold medicine in that small region. This will create a vibrant economy and provide a decent livelihood for these people.

One of the key issues driving Israeli aggression is that of demography. Jews should come to grip with the fact that one day they WILL be minorities in their Israel. Their only alternative is to get on the good foot and do the bad thing. Jack up your production lines, produce more Jews. Other than that do what ever is it that you do to and continue to innovate, do business and win Nobel prices.

Palestinians must stop support for terrorism. Don’t get carried away by propaganda. Give the warlords and terrorists a chance to reform. If they don’t heed, drag them off and shoot.

I saved the best for the last - The center piece of my proposal is this - Time of India and Malayala Manorama should start a join venture in middle east, so young men don’t have to blow themselves up for the virgins.


Blogger Pradeep said...

Your last proposal is indeed the best. I liked a lot...

Jokes apart, I don't know if we all really understand the gravity of the threat Middle East poses to the well-being of humanity. One community is day by day getting isolated and branded. It's this stigmatisation that will do more harm in a cumulative sense than actual bombs. It needs to be addressed by that community as much as others.

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