Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Barber, Recipe

The hunt for a cheap barber landed me in the hands of a brilliant Iranian barber – or is it barbress – or lady barbini. Anyway, she impressed me as an excellent story teller. In twenty minutes I had my hair clipped and I learned all about her, her country, her profession and her family. She had me spell bound as she detailed her escape from Iran. I was also scared, because while she narrated the stroy she would get enraged and arch back, kick on the hairy floor and swing the scissors right around my face. It was scary, It was also awe inspiring like watching Saving Private Ryan.
The woman was nice to me. She tried ‘restyling’ the remaining hair to cover up my balding top. Unsuccessful, she enlightened me on how the miracle of Rogaine could change my life for ever. I liked her. It was every penny worth the twelve dollars. I think I ought to have my hair cut more frequently.

The Iranian lady barber also shared her favorite Persian Lamb Fry recipe. It involves first injecting cubes of tender lamb meat with frozen butter sticks. Then you marinate it with special spices and melted butter. Then you suffocate the sucker in a plastic wrap with even more butter before you chill it in the fridge. Once chilled it is deep fried in Butter or lard. There you have it. Quintuple bypass surgery ready to go.


Blogger Bhagya said...

Quintuple bypass surgery? You are reading too much on heart deseases.. But good line though..
Next time you go to McDonald try to remember this :)

1:03 PM  
Blogger Fifth Life said...

Yummy.. :). Byju sir, i was bit worried that i couldnt get to your blog for the last couple of days after Govt banned certain blog. I thought you were the master mind behind bombay blasts. :D. Jus kidding.

10:39 AM  

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