Friday, July 14, 2006

Surprise! Mumbai blasts had cross-border support

There are all the signs of a brewing war in Middle East. Lebanon is being cut into pieces. Gaza, which is already crippled, is being pounded out of existence. Civilian facilities and infrastructure like power stations, water tanks, roads, airport etc are bombed to rubbles. Innocent people are dying. It is sad in a way that civilians are being targeted.

But Israel’s position is also clearly understandable. What else can they do when the enemy does not have a face? What else can they do when the enemy is an (extremist) ideology and not a nation or its army?

While Israel is standing up to terror, our prime ministta Dr.Manmohan Singh made a statement today from under Soniaji Gandhi’s skirt – “Mumbai blasts had cross-border support”. Oh! What a surprise. Is that our response? When are we going to have leaders with testicular fortitude? I only hope that our leaders stop their messianic rhetoric and fire up those beer-bellied colonels into action.


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