Friday, July 07, 2006


I am not a vegetarian. There were many occasions when I tried to become one but failed for lack of discipline. That’s only if I DECIDE to become a vegetarian. So long as I don’t decide to become a vegetarian I can go on and on for long periods of time, with out ever eating or craving for fish or meat.

Two days back I read about cholesterol and heart diseases and DECIDED to become a vegetarian. Immediately I wanted to eat fish. Soon an inviting aroma of home made chicken curry bothered my nostrils from no where. I got all misty and salivating. But I trained my mind to be disciplined. I am a strict vegetarian for the last 3 days. It has mostly been rice, cabbage and ladies finger and it was good.

Today I went out to have ‘veggie burger’ from McDonalds. But the pretty picture there of grilled patty smothered in melted cheese brought me to my knees. The arousing aroma of the actual thing knocked me over. I ended up eating a double beef whopper- a stacked mountain of meat cheese and more cheese, an extra large order of French fries and an industrial size drink. I can feel all that grease and fat and cholesterol cruising though my veins. I got into my car and let out a wild Tarzan scream. ...grgrgrrrruuuuhhhhh.... - Boy! Did it feel GOOOD.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are funny.. and honest. I've gone through such moment myself. Keep writing.... :-))))

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