Monday, July 31, 2006

Daal, Global Warming

If you are from the great country called India, you know what Daal is. While moguls created Daal Fry in northern India scientists invented Sambar in the south! For me a perfect meal would be chappathi served with a large bowl of Daal with a spoonful of butter dancing on top of it and a generous portion of fresh sliced tomatoes.

Dal Fry
Unfortunately, Daal is in short supply this year. Indian stores are selling daal at ridiculous prices. There is an unofficial rationing in place too. I asked the owner of a shop about the shortage and he blamed it on global warming. There was an unusually dry summer in India that dried up tender seedlings last year. As summer eased up and farmers began replanting, global warming brought with her a bout of severe monsoon that flooded their crops. By the time Monsoon let up, it was too late. As a result Daal is in short supply. Indian government rightly banned all exports to ensure the country had enough to feel her citizens first.

I heard daal has reached $6 per pound! Ask our desi store owners about Global Warming and they will happily ask for some next year too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHO exactly invented daal, and WHEN, WHERE and HOW!?

1:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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