Wednesday, August 23, 2006

When Harry met cockroach

The Joseph story is deja vu. My friend Sujith and Jacob may remember this. Few years ago, a few of us friends went to a movie from college. Half way into the second half, there were some minor skirmishes near where our friend Harry (fake name) sat, which soon developed into a major melee. There was pushing and shouting and beating and next thing I know I was sitting in fetal position in the back seat of Jacob’s Ambassador car cruising away from the theater at 80 kmph. There was an eerie silence in the car. I had to wait till the following morning to know what had happened.

Harry was sitting behind two girls. While the girls were immersed watching the movie, Harry was feeling their plump buttocks with his bare toes. Girls begged him to stop, Harry played deaf. The girls exchanged seats. Harry exchanged legs. One of the girls tried to hit him (remember the skirmishes?), Harry happily rejoiced. Finally tired and hurt the girls called in their brothers.

The next morning, the brothers showed up with an army of thugs and gathered around Harry’s room. After some tense moments the hostel elders managed to sent them away. That evening after the smoke cleared, and the dust settled we asked Harry why he did what he did. With a cute smile he explained his innocence which I remember vividly to this day : “Eda, athu njaan oru pattaye kollan nokkiyathu alley” (I was trying to kill a cockroach).


Blogger FlipFlop said...

Didnt both Harry & P2 meet cockroach? :-))

10:38 PM  
Anonymous "V" said...

At one point I heard P2 letting out a weird howl. I thought one of the thadiyans saaley ko maar diya. But what had happened was that the thadiyan picked up P2 by his collar and his leg was still stuck between the front seat where it was busy sniffing and pricking. Man he was such a weirdo.

10:52 PM  
Anonymous "V" said...

Byju, Sujith - Any idea where he is now ? I bet he will take his old pranks to his grave :)

10:53 PM  
Blogger Anoop G said...

ur female friends will not definitely like this post --

recently we had a boys only discussion - in which they shared their experiences on "homo" attacks in kstrc buses, and trains - similar to killing cockroaches..

also somebody described how he was afraid - when he was at allapuzha bus stand at night - and a guy started roaming around him with eagle eyes!

There was comment that after experiencing a homo attack - people will come to know how girls will feel when their privacy is disturbed...

11:20 AM  
Blogger Freudian Slip said...

Were the girls hot? P2 definitely feels it was worth it, lol.

11:05 PM  

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