Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fresh Watermelon

  • I met a pretentious yuppy of an Indian guy at Swamiji's place a few days back. The guy demanded bottled water and refused to drink what he called "dirty municipal tap water". Pests like these deserves to be dragged off and shot. Poor Swamiji had to haul the moron to buy bothal water. I still drink water straight from the well or from a garden hose. You don't die from that.
  • Last week my doctor showed me photographs of the scars from my surgery. It didn't look bad. Not bad at all. I think my surgeon is a fine cutter. I have to give him credit for a job well done.
  • I picked a watermelon from a local farm last week. I handed three one dollar bills to the farmer's soiled hand. He seemed happy and it felt good. The melon was ripe, red and sweet, and to savor it fresh in the farm was heavenly. Life offers some simple pleasures and this was one of those.


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