Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Burying an innocent child

Newspapers these days are sprinkled with gut wrenching stories and sad images. I have a low threshold for pain. So, I usually avoid such heart breaking news and close my eyes at haunting pictures. But I could not ignore this poignant image of a one month old baby, who was murdered by a group of men in Kannoor. These sand rats, vermin, animals of the lowest denominator beat a poor vagabond family and killed their little one month old. They took the life of this innocent child, to avenge his twelve year old sister’s refusal to entertain them.

Sorry for posting this picture here. I am a father and I feel just as helpless as this young mother and father in the picture. All they could do was to lay him on their cleanest mat, wrap him one last time in his mother’s sari, protect his tiny soul from the scorching heat of a cruel world around him, with a crippled umbrella. They sat by the road, picking morsels of sand, and cried. They held his tiny motionless body and begged the bystanders for a place to bury their son.

We will all forget this by next week. The murderers will go un-punished. There will be no police, no leader, no human gods, no social activist, no religious groups, no IAS officers, and no NGOs to spare a thought for this tiny baby. I am sure even his parents will get over their grief. This child just was a happy little angel like my son or your child. I am infuriated, deeply saddened and feel helpless that an innocent infant was denied his life in such a brutal and barbarous way.


Blogger Thanu said...

it is so sad.
life shud matter no matter how small, how poor..

7:02 PM  
Blogger kashmu said...

Didn't our glorified 100% litreracy gave us a sense that we are much superior than other s ? That these powerless poor people who don't have a place to stay are really children of a lesser God (It's a Gods own country anyway) and need to be treated according to our literate free will.

Gods own country, Satan's own people !

True. Isn't it ?

7:05 PM  
Anonymous Soni said...

Tell me how can I even comment about this? I feel such a lesser soul and I debate whether I should allow the collective guilt to govern me. It invariably does, even before I read the piece, because I just skimmed through it - fearing the details would surreptiously creep inside me and make me less human.

11:36 PM  
Anonymous Syju JS said...

Dear brother VKN, I do not have words to express my shock. Maybe this is one of those reasons I do not like to settle down in God's own country. As a reader said, and as I used to say, the main problem kerala faces is "excess" literates! I feel sorry for his parents. But do you think that this child if let to grow up will be spared by our red brigade in Kannur? By the age of ten he will be in participating in party meetings and by the age of 16 or 17, he will be asked to do murders(political killings) and looting of his own neighbours.. What would happen to his parents then???? True that it is God's own country. But which one? The UDF God or LDF God? The invisible power which people have held captive in Temples and Church or the visible superpower Godman/woman clad in Saffron dhoties or in white saris??? Where is my maveli naadu??
Somebody help me........!!!!

9:50 AM  
Anonymous kp said...

It is a sad story.Being in B"lore I don't read Mallu pappers usually. Today In bought a paper to read the story of the culprits being arrested.

It is the plight of Nomads in India. They got justice because it happened in Kerala. In other parts of this country people doesn't think they even need justice. I don't know whether this family belonged to Gypsy communities.

There is large cmmunity of nomads in India and even our politicians doesn't seems interested on them as they don'thave votes. And they don't come in reservation debates as they don't have caste.
Interestingly Gypsies in Europe also origins in India and more or less face the same fate.

9:11 AM  
Anonymous Priyadarshan said...

You can watch the tv seriels that ladies dealing from their house with 100,000 crs.... wearing full of jewellery and the sari without any damage in their falls..., which is my India.... i am confused..

Gods on country, we are not poor, we become poor by ourself.. they are not homless... they have a home, at least a hut in their village, which they left behind, ... and then? comming to the cities for a life which they think they can easly earn mony by begging., these are the people who are making our cities untidy, with "juggies" who are living in the raily platforms... and so on..

We say,, Delhi the metropolitin city, what eals people mean by metropolitan, somebody can tell me.. i agree, if you mean that it is the most correpted one, i agree if it mean the clealess city, i agree if it mean the law less, i agree if it mean the unsafe for ladies,..........

4:45 AM  
Anonymous Yogesh Khandke said...

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Not every other post brings tears to your eyes.

2:55 AM  
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