Friday, May 26, 2006


My son is an Elmo addict. He watches the video over and over, non-stop 24x7, driving us insane. His addiction was so out of control that I feared he will soon trade me for an Elmo tape. We had to intervene to save him from the puppet, and more importantly to get us some quiet and peace of mind. So we bought him a Bharatha Natyam video. After two days of fighting, patience, and persistence he agreed to watch the new video. Now it is “thaka-dhimi, thaka-janu, thaka-dhimi, thaka-janu thaka-dhimi, thaka-janu ”, with the clippity-clap of wooden sticks.
Over and over and over.
24 x 7.
Day in and day out.
I am almost 99% mad.
I will soon trade him for prozac.

A helpless hungry unemployed teen mugs a rich dude for 2 bucks. He gets caught and spends time in jail. Two rich and fulfilled old men Andrew Fastow and Kenneth Lay mugged thousands of people of 11 BILLION dollars of their hard earned life savings. A jury convicts them, but they are out on bail. Not even under house arrest. This is unbelievable! Unbelievable.

Yours truly’s wife is graduating today. She is getting ready to go for the commencement ceremony. Before she went to her room she said to me that she wanted to look good, and it is a few hours since she went in. In a few minutes out will come a Chinese albino.


Anonymous Soni said...

Firstly, congrats to Reeja, whether she is made up or not !

I love your son! He seems to be your payback time! Gosh!

1:08 AM  
Blogger Injikadan Mathai said...

interesing..congratulations to ur wife for "getting there" (hmm for some of us it always seems so close yet so far..hehehe)...neways hmm ur son really is impressive...hmm adam smith tells us that specialization is a prime source of wealth..hmm looks like ur son is involved in super "specialization", the question is mebbe which direction you want him to go...good luck with that..

10:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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