Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Déjà vu

Mr.VS Achuthanandan reminds me of his predecessor Antony. Antony was as honest and straight forward as they come. I would like to think that VS is a bird of the same feather. From the jubilation and drama that followed his victory last month, it was evident that people really liked him and had very high expectations of him. But sadly, less than a month since he took office, it appears to be Déjà vu all over again.

If poor Antony had poor old Karunakaran as his detractor, VS now has Pinaray Vijayan biting his behind. Pinaray is proving himself to be more venomous and ugly than the famously venomous and ugly Karunakaran. Ladies man Kunjali Marikkar is replaced by the alleged VIP Kodiyeri Marakkar. Mr.Crook PJ Joseph is KM Mani and TM Jacob rolled into one and multiplied by Balakrishnapillai. Under congress party Kerala was a green, serene and dusty little state where good hard-working middle class people like pimps, prostitutes and perverts thrived. VS’s Kerala is ushering in new brand of skilled workers - hustlers, gangsters and goondas. The very comrades who opposed karimanal, smart city and express highway are the new evangelists for karimanal, smart city and express highway. It is fun to watch the whole drama playing out.

Pinarayi Vijayan is a damned fool who doesn’t learn from history. Voters are smart these days, very smart. They screwed the painful benighted bums like Karunakaran, Murali, TM Jacob and Balakrishna Pillai and put them out of their own miseries. Pinarayi Vijayan is either blind or an idiot to ignore this. He is competing to be the most excruciatingly painful bum of all . If I were him I would think differently. VS is 92 years old or something. This is pretty much the kid’s final game. As the top guy in the ruling party, I will swindle and steal as much as possible. I would rent a few jumbo sized bank lockers at the union bank of Switzerland. I would order a tunnel to be constructed from Trivandrum, via Cochin refineries, via Bombay high, via Persian Gulf via Caspian sea to secret bank accounts in Moscow. I will insert my cronies into important positions. I will praise VS, for if VS is perceived to be doing well I am the next chief ministta. I will dress up as Robert Frost and write poetries about VS.

Our CM is like aging wine
He is my bro oh! He is mine
Like old smelly cheese
like a pan of old grease

I am cute and young
Although Loose is my tongue
I think that this old mare
Do still have some flair

I will pick up Karunakaran, his son and their concubines, expose them, bring these terrorists to light and jail them. I will pick up the alleged serial rapist Mr.Kutti and parade him neykkid. The entire Malabar will for ever vote communist. That is what I would do if I were Vijayan. If Pinarayi does this, trust me, he will be a hero and guaranteed to be the Chief Minister for the next 50 years.

I doubt he will listen to my advice, so I have advice for Kissinger Chandy. Eat well, exercise, get good rest, get your regular colonoscopy, and make sure you don’t get a freaking heart attack, get that nice daughter of yours married off to a nice kid. Just lie low. Don’t do anything stupid. You will win the next one.


Blogger Me:) said...

Good one, as usual.

Yes, we are seeing the same story repeat on the screen. The screen names changes. The background music change. Thats it.

Express Highway was named North South highway as soon as PJ came in. Now he calls it "truck highway". Trucks are driven by the poorest of the society finally. So we can call this a poor mans highway. May be we will ask the truck owners - the richer guys - to pay toll too. Look at the janakeeya version of Expressway. Munir can never understand this.

11:38 PM  
Blogger Sreejith Kumar said...

The comparison is good in a sense that both Antony and Achuthanandan have enemies within their boats! But think this too, Antony did not even protest when the number of ministers in his cabinet was fixed at 20 when the state was going through a financial crisis and the govt was to cut down the privileges of the govt employees. At that time, the stipulated no. of ministers was only 14, 10% of the assembly strength. Next, Antony also contributed to the finacial misery of the state by jaunting between Delhi and Kerala as many as 23 times in his tenure of 3 years! 99% of those visits were intended for meeting the Congress high-command!

6:56 AM  
Blogger Vinod/Kakka said...

The more things change,
The more things remain the same.

8:25 AM  
Blogger Pradeep said...

Hi, I am back from Kerala.
I agree with you when you say, the voters are nowadays smart.

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:32 PM  

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