Friday, October 13, 2006

Award Films

I saw the movie Vanaprastham. Shaji N Karun lost his knack of telling a good story. A good story must have a beginning, a captivating story line and a great ending. Vanaprastham, to me, did not have any of it.

One of the best storytellers I have ever met was my school mate Roy Mathews. He was NOT a studious guy. Nobody has ever seen him read any books, but he could tell stories which could fill several. His stories had a solid beginning, a gripping story line and a whoop-ass ending. He never dragged on to lengthen a story; neither did he finish in a hurry. He allowed his story to flow, and in the process had an army of friends glued to his dorm bed, for hours on end.

I don’t know where Roy Mathew is today, but I am sure, he will make one hell of a movie maker.

The best films I saw in Malayalam were either from Padmarajan or Hariharan or Bharathan. The worst were those movies which open with a man walking from the left side of the screen, and three hours later I wake up and see the helpless guy still walking to reach the right side of the screen. Or movies, where the plot calls for characters to silently look at each other with a deadpan nonchalance, and where the “story line” is constantly invaded by squeaking crickets and lines of ants. I don't understand why they win awards though. To me, the whole logic seem reversed.

For all the award movie makers, let me give you a sound piece of advice. Learn to tell a good story and shut up when you're finished.

PS: I did like some ‘movies’ like Shaji N Karun’s Piravi and Adoor’s Mathilukal, Vidheyan.


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